The 7th International Cultural Festival Held in International College, ZJUT
Date:2019-05-27 Hit:

May. 27, 2019

On the afternoon of May 25, the 7th International Cultural Festival was held on Pingfeng Campus, Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT). With “Kaleidoscope--Observe the Colorful World” as its theme, this festival displayed the unique campus culture of the international student group in ZJUT.

At the opening ceremony, international students from different countries wore national costumes to present and to introduce their own countries and cultures. The cultural festival was then jointly launched by the students and teachers. Both Chinese and international students gave wonderful performances at the festival. 

During the event, the international students from various countries meticulously prepared their own booths, showing the unique local cultures and customs in different forms such as words, pictures, videos, music, dance, handicrafts and exquisite cuisine. Through the live participation and games, teachers and students interacted with international students face to face and got acquainted with the costumes, customs and cultures of different countries.

The festival attracted over 1,000 domestic and oversea teachers and students from more than 50 countries and various universities.

(Text by Zhu Lijuan, International College, ZJUT; Translation by Kang Jiali, Liu Jiangang)