ZJUT Achieves the Goal of 7 Disciplines into ESI Top 1% in Advance
Date:2019-09-16 Hit:

Sep. 16, 2019

The latest Essential Science Indicators (ESI) database updated on September 11, 2019 reveals that Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT)has two disciplines into ESI top 1% for the first time: Biology & Biochemistry and Computer Science. It is worth noting that ZJUT is the only university which increases two top 1% disciplines among the top 100 universities of China on the ESI ranking list. 

Biology & Biochemistry and Computer Science are the 6th and 7th disciplines of ZJUTentering the globally top 1%, following Chemistry (2010), Engineering (2011), Material Science (2016), Environment & Ecology (2016) and Agricultural Science (2018). So far, ZJUT has achieved its goal of seven disciplines in ESI top 1%, which is part of ESI1760 Plan, ahead of time.

According to the statistics, ZJUT has risen 98 places in the global ranking compared with that in January of 2018, boasting three new disciplines in the globally top 1%, and 62 more highly-cited articles with its increase up to 91%.

(Text from the Academy of Science and Technology; Translation by Shen Yuchuan, Liu Jiangang)