ZJUT Holds the Opening Ceremony for 2019 Freshmen
Date:2019-08-26 Hit:

Aug. 26, 2019

On the morning of August 26, the matriculation ceremony for 2019 freshmen was held in the indoor stadium on Pingfeng Campus, Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT).

At the ceremony, Li Xiaonian, the President of ZJUT, delivered a speech entitled “Pursue Dreams with Perseverance", encouraging the new students to embark on their new life journey in ZJUT.

In his speech, the President welcomed the arrival of the new students. Then, based on the two major topics of “dream” and “pursuit”, he pointed out that university education was necessary for the pursuit of perfection for students. He said that compared with middle schools, universities laid more emphasis on self-determination, self-development and self-perfection; and all these were motivated by the sense of responsibility as well as the dreams in students’ hearts, which, at bottom, stemmed from students' persistent pursuit of dreams.







(Text by Chen Manjiao, Publicity Department of ZJUT Party Committee; Photos by Chen Zhao, Li Zhengzheng, Chen Jingjing, Wu Yuanzhuo, Publicity Department of ZJUT Party Committee; Translation by Kang Jiali, Liu Jiangang)