ZJUT Welcomes Undergraduate Class of 2023
Date:2019-08-26 Hit:

Aug. 26, 2019

On August 24 and 25, the undergraduate class of 2023 of Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT) registered on campus.

“Welcome to ZJUT! I hope that you can keep studying hard and pursue whole-person development!” “Thanks for everyone’s dedication and I hope you will continue to do well in welcoming the new students!” said Cai Yuanqiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of ZJUT, as he and his colleagues came to Pingfeng Campus to interact with the freshmen, and to learn about the real time matriculation data from the staff and students doing the registration work those two days.

“May I take a photo with you, President Li?” “Of course!” At the freshmen registration venue on Zhaohui Campus, Li Xiaonian, President of ZJUT, gladly agreed to the request of a new student. The President also cordially talked with the freshmen.

This year, ZJUT conducted its matriculation education online. Through channels and apps like WeChat platform, online pre-registration system, the university had put safety education, information collection, and registration information online, having thus completed the necessary notification and education in advance. The new students could scan QR codes via mobile phones to complete their registration process.

In addition, ZJUT launched the “pre-school” admission green channel program for new students that had economic difficulties. The green growth program for needy students included the publicity of financial aid policies as well as the application for student subsidies and senior student assistance. The program package, along with the admission notice, had been mailed to the new students so that the application for financial aid could be completed before registration. The university also provided every poverty-stricken student with living and transportation subsidies to help them start their new school year.


(Text by Chen Manjiao, Publicity Department of ZJUT Party Committee; Photos by Li Zhengzheng, Chen Zhao, Publicity Department of ZJUT Party Committee; Translation by Kang Jiali, Liu Jiangang)