Patrick NIJS Was Appointed as a Guest Professor of ZJUT

On 29 October, Patrick NIJS, the former Belgian ambassador to China, was appointed as a guest professor of Zhejiang University of Technology. 

President Li Xiaonian met with Mr. NIJS and formally appointed NIJS as a guest professor. During the meeting, Li Xiaonian highly appreciated Mr. NIJS for his long-term commitment to promoting all-round exchanges between China and Belgium and his contribution to promoting cooperation between China and the EU. He said that with the positive relationship between China and Belgium in recent years, the cooperation between the universities of the two countries was continuously strengthened, and scientific and technological and cultural exchanges became more frequent. The university attaches great importance to expanding cooperation and exchanges with universities in Belgium and the European Union. It is expected that Mr. NIJS can play a bridge role after being appointed as a guest professor to promote cooperation and exchanges between our university and high-level universities in Belgium and the European Union. 

NIJS expressed his gratitude for being appointed as a guest professor of ZJUT. He said that although he has resigned from the position as an ambassador, China had become a part of his life. He believed that people-to-people connections were vital to the relationship between the two countries, and education played a particularly important role. He praised the cooperation and exchanges between ZJUT, Ghent University, University of Leuven and other Belgian universities. He expressed that he was very willing to help our university to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with high-level universities in Belgium and the European Union, and promote cooperation between them on the aspects of cooperation, joint student education as well as scholar exchanges.