Professor Yuan Julong and Professor Cai Yuanqiang of ZJUT Won the National Science and Technology Award

On November 3, 2021, the 2020 National Science and Technology Awards Conference was held in the Great Hall of People in Beijing.

Prof. Yuan Julong and Prof. Cai Yuanqiang of our university, as the first contributors, completed the achievements of "Key technology and application of high-performance rolling bearing processing" and "Key technology of super soft soil foundation treatment" which won the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress and Second Prize of National Technological Invention respectively.

The research team led by Professor Yuan Julong has made major innovations and breakthroughs in the high-precision rolling element and high-consistency machining method, the rolling surface high-quality polishing technology, and the bearing processing equipment, realizing the industrialization of high-performance rolling bearing.

The research team led by Professor Cai Yuanqiang invented the “Consolidation promotion-Clogging prevention” flocculating pretreatment techonology and composite flocculation, formed a combined technology set on efficient treatment on slurry ground with salient features of clogging prevention and drainage promotion.