Wu Min's Team Excelled in 2021 Zhejiang Cup Global Artificial Intelligence Competition

On December 10, the awarding ceremony of 2021 Zhejiang Cup Global Artificial Intelligence Competition was grandly held in Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City, where the project conducted by Professor Wu Min's team from the School of Materials titled “Design of Low-dimensional High-temperature Resistant Electrode Materials for Secondary Batteries Based on Structure Prediction and Machine Learning” got successfully enlisted there.


The School of Materials has always attached great significance to the construction of computational materials, especially the application of artificial intelligence in the field of materials science. This listed project, distinguishing the disciplinary characteristics of the School in the field of new energy materials, was born on the basis of the cooperation between the research groups of Prof. Wu Min, Prof. Tao Xinyong and Prof. Cao Xiehong in the field of secondary batteries.


It’s reported that the competition is themed with “Materials Designing Algorithms and Models Based on Data and Computation-Drive ". It aims to improve the efficiency of new materials design by forming new materials designing algorithms and models in typical areas that combine data, algorithms and knowledge.